At pressmetall, all employees are integrated in a cross-departmental, continuously advancing learning process.

Our all-embracing quality management system is the pillar on which the successful relationships with our customers and partners are based. This applies not only to our products and the working conditions and processes within the framework of which they are manufactured, but also to our strongest asset, the manpower and innovativeness or our employees. As far as we are concerned, precisely this holistic approach, the rigorousness with which we base internal and external processes on it and constantly monitor their effectiveness, is what makes the difference between Quality Management (QM) and Total Quality Management (TQM). The foundation of this is the policy of always fulfilling all requirements with regard to our product and service documentation, our ordering and supply specifications, and the standards and directives upon which they are based.

However, what is crucial to successful implementation and control of TQM measures is particularly the involvement of our employees in a cross-departmental, continuously advancing learning process. The central element of this is the zero defects programme. Our error avoidance commences in the planning and development phase and takes into consideration not only the potential "human" sources of error but also the possibility of quality increases that arise from the improvement of potentially defective processes.