QM system

Since our quality management system is certified to IATF16949 we satisfy the requirements of the automotive industry.

IATF16949 is based on quality standard ISO 9001 but it was supplemented by meeting the specific needs and requirements of the automotive industry. As a result of the merger of the companies Daimler-Benz and Chrysler the standards framework of the American and European automotive industries evolved to become IATF16949. Following revision of the ISO 9000 series and integration of the process-oriented approach, IATF16949 was restructured. That ultimately produced the current, process-oriented version, IATF16949.

In recent years, ISO/TS 16949 has increasingly become established as a worldwide standard for the automotive industry and it now also encompasses most of the associated supply industry. We apply these rules in order to create optimal process conditions and trouble-free delivery conditions for our customers, the automobile manufacturers and suppliers throughout the industry. For this purpose, ISO/TS 16949 constitutes a basis for further complementary measures and programmes in which – with continuing success – we endeavour to reduce error rates and process risks.