IT security

Our pressmetall IT security cell provides protection against security risks and gives you and ourselves a guarantee that the IT systems will remain fully operational.

IT security aspects are also becoming increasingly important in production plants. Along with them, the demands that are placed on the security and protection of the hardware and software environment within the company have seen a continuous increase. Ultimately, as digital communication processes continue to penetrate – from everyday administration work to overall control of the production plant – there is more and more at stake. For example, scientific research confirms that industrial companies would be able to survive for only a few days if their hardware and software systems were to fail completely. In the case of "just-in-time suppliers" like pressmetall the period is reduced to a maximum of 24 hours.

Our pressmetall IT security cell protects our customers and ourselves against security risks and ensures that the IT systems remain fully operational. It has been tested in accordance with EN 1047-1 and certified in Class S 120 DIS. In this way, typical hazardous situations can be minimised, for example ones triggered by fire, smoke, a potential disruption in the power supply, overvoltage, water, falling loads, burglary or theft.