The entire development and production of die-cast parts is a process, the complexity of which has increased considerably over the past decades. Rising expectations in terms of precision and detail accuracy on the one hand and virtually "trouble-free" integration of different process steps on the other are increasingly reflected by the selection and use of current technologies. This is the case not only in the production processes proper but also indirectly, in the entire production environment: in building and operation systems, in environmental engineering applications, in IT or in the fitting out of workplaces. Against this background, the selection and use of contemporary technologies at pressmetall is extremely important.

Within the scope of our market monitoring, together with our supply partners we keep track of today's developments and tomorrow's trends. With a view to our customers' markets, we offer key technological know-how from development through to delivery of products and can – all with the aim of boosting cost efficiency – continuously increase the level of our automation. As a result, we are in a position to competitively produce ready-to-install functional units and entire assemblies at the industrial location of Germany, to the highest standards of precision and quality.