Apart from its low specific weight, the ease with which aluminium can be machined is a huge advantage when it comes to processing aluminium material. For example, in the cutting processes it is possible to achieve much higher speeds than when using steel. Also, in drilling, turning and milling processes aluminium is relatively easy to cut with conventional tools made of HSS or cemented carbide.

For high-quality chip-removal machining we have at our disposal over 50 systems with the aid of which we are able to machine workpieces at high speed to a high standard of quality. They include single-spindle, fully automated machining centres and fully automated double-spindle systems. There are also single-spindle machining centres with manual loading, lathes and leak testing systems. After the machining process proper the parts are thoroughly cleaned with aqueous media, i.e. to the highest standards of cleanliness. Control measurements conducted by our test laboratory ensure that component cleanliness requirements are met consistently. If required, we are able to manufacture castings for ready-to-install assemblies by means of mounting operations (e.g. press-fitting bushes or inserting screws), leak tests and surface coatings.