With over 30 casting systems, most of which are fully automatic, and locking forces ranging from 200 to 1,350 tonnes we have a good line-up at our Gunzenhausen plant, both in terms of capacity and with regard to the quality of the technological features of our machines. In addition, at our Hoym plant there are another 20 die-cast cells with locking forces ranging from 400 to 900 tonnes. Furthermore, production at two sites ensures that there is contingency backup available. The two foundries have a very high level of automation and that is one of the reasons why they are suitable for processing large volumes.

All the plant and machinery was developed in close collaboration with our supply partners and consistently adapted to the needs of the automotive industry. Especially in the automotive sector the standards expected in terms of production quality and volumes are very high. In this respect the two production sites are geared to near-final contour casting with high surface quality and close dimensional tolerances.