pressmetall is one of the few die-casting manufacturers in the industry that can make its tools itself with varying degrees of complexity, geometry and size. We thus offer the customer one-stop development and production. In line with the concept of process integration facilitated by simultaneous engineering the models are incorporated into design directly. We use the data from tool design to generate the relevant CNC programs for die making. . 

The combination of design and die making under one roof creates a whole host of advantages over an offering of isolated solutions - for our customers and for ourselves. For example, as a system manufacturer we are able to provide a flexible response to customer requests at above-average speed. For this purpose we offer a high level of integration for the various process steps by controlling and monitoring the entire development and production process of our die-cast parts and to the same degree we are able to reduce error-proneness. Our customers and partners profit from this one-stop solution in the form of higher quality, higher rate of realisation, and hence cost benefits.