As a "young" foundry the Hoym plant benefits from a functional architecture and a process sequence configuration that is totally oriented towards material flow.

The plant in Hoym was established in 1999. The factory premises of the company came into being between September 1999 and July 2000 and the amount of machinery has been increased step by step ever since. About 80 per cent of around 220 employees at the site are involved in production.

Another advantage of the site is its virtually unlimited scope for extension. The Hoym plant has another nearly 50,000 square metres of space available that belong to the site and can be used at any time to expand existing capacity.

Hoym is a district of the town of Seeland in Saxony-Anhalt – it is located about 12 kilometres west of Aschersleben and 12 kilometres east of Quedlinburg, which, as one of the largest area monuments in Germany, has been a World Heritage Cultural Site since 1994. As far as the communications network is concerned, Hoym is linked, via the B6 trunk road, to the A14 autobahn, which, in a south-easterly direction, leads to Dresden via Halle and Leipzig, and in the north leads to Hanover via the A2 autobahn.


Machines A total of 20 die-casting machines in operation
  and 5 machine tools
Locking force range 400 – 900t
Product range Oil pumps, gearbox cross members, engine brackets
Customers BMW, Daimler, VW, Getrag
Areas Site area:                       56.600 m²
  Building volume:            8.400 m²
  Undeveloped land:      48.100 m²