Corporate Purchasing, Sales, Product Development and Administration: The Gunzenhausen site accommodates the head office of pressmetall.

With about 550 employees at the site, Gunzenhausen is pressmetall's company head office. Here in the 16,000-inhabitant town in the rural district of Weissenburg-Gunzenhausen, pressmetall was established as "Pressmetall Gunzenhausen Galsterer & Co. KG" over 50 years ago. The site comprises Corporate Purchasing, Product Development and Administration; it continues to be the hub of the company's major national and international sales activities.

As the name clearly indicates, the company has always had strong links with the region. Pressmetall has been one of the largest local employers since the 1970s. The relationship between the company and people in the town and its surrounding area is a correspondingly close one. For example, many employees come from Gunzenhausen or from the immediate surroundings in Middle Franconia and in many cases they have been deeply rooted in the company with other family members for decades.

The advantages of the Gunzenhausen site include the high quality of life, its wonderful location in the middle of the Franconian Lake District and – in a square with Nuremberg, Feuchtwangen, Ulm and Munich at its corners – the favourable access to transport networks in the south of Germany.


Machines A total of around 100 machines in operation, most of which were
  only purchased in recent years
Locking force range 200 – 1.350t
Product range Steering boxes, hydraulic boxes, throttle bodies, …
Customers Bosch, Continental-Gruppe, ZF-Gruppe, Webasto, Daimler, EBM
Areas Site area:                      30.000 m²
  Building volume:         20.000 m²
  Undeveloped land:      2.500 m²