Internal development structures and manufacturing processes develop and evolve in line with general technological progress. This sets the pace, so to speak, for the pressmetall company – not as an end in itself, however, but in order to meet the increasing requirements of customers in a globalised market. That’s why we have launched the ‘setting the future in motion’ campaign for 2016. However, what does this mean in specific terms for our customers and partners? Our vision is built on 3 essential pillars.

Strong partner
pressmetall is a strong development partner. We support our customers along the entire value chain – from the idea, through the manufacturing phase, to delivery. With efficient processes and trusted reliability. Certified processes are brought to life together with the customer and further developed in line with their needs. This lets us handle the series production stage even before the actual manufacturing.

Strong employer
pressmetall is an attractive employer. Working together for the automotive industry – in our teams, fresh minds meet long-standing experience. Whether through process-oriented thinking, practical knowledge or entrepreneurial flair  – our employees are the driving force behind lasting success. We set the future in motion by learning and passing on what has been learned. 

Strong locations
pressmetall continues to grow at a rapid rate. We create space for new opportunities and plan for more growth  – guaranteeing the highest degree of development and production expertise on the international stage, and securing our competitiveness in the long term.

Equally important for us is the optimisation of internal working processes, process reliability, digitisation 2.0 and industry 4.0  – in other words, linking traditional work steps in accordance with the latest technological developments. This means that setting the future in motion always follows the pressmetall promise: strategy, quality and reliability.