Distinct customer proximity, close team spirit within the company, furtherance of "variety": common interests are the basis of our growth

To be as close to the customer as possible, as early as possible: this objective indicates the direction in which we continuously move as a company, with our employees, products and processes. Only in this mutual close collaboration with the customer will we be able to continue operating successfully in the market in future.

Maintaining proximity to the customer and convincing customers again and again with excellent products and services is a challenge that we constantly fill with life. Here are some examples:

  • high-performance, qualified and reliable employees with a distinct sense of team spirit,
  • a sound financial basis from which we can operate flexibly and which enables us to meet the customer's requirements in terms of quality and quantity,
  • a well-balanced customer portfolio in which we avoid unilateral dependencies.

As a result of our many years of tradition as a family-run company we have been able to maintain short links between company management and staff, as well as a strong feeling of commitment between employees within the company. We systematically promote variety within this community and in doing so we place trust in the ability of our employees to create motivated, efficient teams. Our objective is to also promote team spirit outside the company, for example by ensuring compatibility of family and work in the long term.